Serving In Mission (SIM):  Reaching the Unreached

About Serving In Mission (SIM): Reaching the Unreached

BLESS is thrilled to bring a new partner to IGNITE!

Serving in Mission (SIM) is working to take the Gospel to the Fulani Tribe in the Fulfulde language. The Fulani Tribe is the largest nomadic unreached people group in the world! This warrior tribe brought Islam to Africa and are ardent in their beliefs.

Many believe that the Fulani understanding and acceptance of Jesus would make these warrior people dynamic believers who would stop the atrocities against Christians and bring the Gospel to the nations in North Africa.

Through trained indigenous workers, and an adequate supply of materials, it is estimated that tens of thousands of Fulani would come to Christ and multiply the Gospel throughout much of the people group.

By partnering with BLESS, you have the opportunity to provide written and recorded evangelistic and discipleship material produced by Wycliffe Bible Translators. The Gospel can reach the Fulani through solar-powered MP3 Mega Voice Player (MVP) units. These units go where no person is allowed to go. They have 80 hours of audio content, including the New Testament, Bible studies, preaching and teaching lessons, dramatic Gospel presentations, and Fulani Gospel music.

Let's fund 100 of each of the items below!

$16 purchases and distributes a solar-powered MP3 player

$5 purchases and distributes a Bible to the Fulani

$4 purchases and distributes the SD Card loaded with evangelical material

$3 purchases and distributes crucial evangelistic and discipleship materials to indigenous missionaries in northern Nigeria